Celai West



What I am all about.

Celai is a quirky and clumsy 9 year old who thrives on learning and being creative. She has consistently earned Honor Roll since kindergarten, is a proud supporter of literacy in her community.and, most recently, was invited be the keynote speaker at a graduation in NY.

In her spare time, Celai loves to tap into her creative talents by coloring, painting, designing clothes for her dolls as well as making an endless supply of slime.

Celai is known best for her modeling and her runway however she has applied that same resolve into becoming a strong actress as well. She has had a chance to train with some of the best coaches in the business and has gotten the chance to work with Disney, Target and Walmart, to name a few. Celai is eager to start working on more films and pilots and we look forward to collaborating with you on your upcoming projects.



Margie Haber Studios

Audition Techniques/Scene Study/Improv

Shannel Grey Studios

Audition Techniques/Scene Study


SF Actors Workshop

Audition Techniques/Acting

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